1220 Artisan Spirits
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St. Louis, MO 63104
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1220 Artisan Spirits is a distillery based out of Saint Louis, MO from the team at 4 Hands Brewing Co.. Founded in Spring 2018, 1220 Artisan Spirits is inspired by secret societies and speakeasies. The extension of this spirits brand is intended to complement 4 Hands Brewing Co; celebrating the relationship between brewery & distillery. Similar to 4 Hands’ approach to brewing beer 1220 uses a variety of different fruits, herbs and spices to compliment the base ingredients of their products.



A blend of grapefruit, lime juice and 100% agave spirit

Lemonade & Lavender

Slightly tart, slightly sweet and completely refreshing.  Real lemon juice and the finest lavender syrup.  Features 1220 Encrypted Vodka as the base spirit.

Cherry Limeade

A combination of sweet maraschino cherry and zesty lime juice.  Features 1220 Encrypted Vodka as it’s base spirit.

122 Artisan Spirits Products


1220 Origin Gin
1220 Encrypted Vodka
1220 Barrel Reserve Gin
1220 Lemonade Lavender Vodka
1220 Balaton Cherry & Lime Vodka
1220 Chamomile & Ginger Vodka
1220 Orange Blossom & Honey Vodka
1220 Flora Apertif
1220 Spettro Amaro





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