St. Louis Distillery
755 Friedens Road
St. Charles, MO 63303
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The St. Louis Distillery was voted the #1 Craft Vodka Distillery in the country by a USA Today readers’ poll. Our Cardinal Sin Spirits are artisan made in small batches allowing time to become a key feature of production. Cardinal Sin Vodka is an ultra pure, smooth spirit, winning four gold medals and named one of the top five vodkas in the world.  Cardinal Sin Starka Vodka, made by aging Cardinal Sin Vodka in new Missouri White Oak barrels, is a unique entry in to the amber spirit experience. Cardinal Sin PRIDE, an American Single Malt Whiskey, offers a broad whiskey flavor profile with an exceptional smooth, sweet finish.



Cardinal Sin Starka, Frozen Limeade, Orange Liqueur, Beer & Water

St. Louis Distillery Products

Introducing “OMG-BSW” (OMG – Brown Sugar Whiskey)
Cardinal Sin Vodka
Cardinal Sin Starka (Barrel Aged Vodka)
Pride Whiskey (Single Malt Whiskey)
Envy (Rye Whiskey)
Wrath (Cinnamon & Chili Pepper Whiskey)

Spirits of St. Louis creates hand-crafted spirits using local bounty and natural ingredients to produce spirits that are full of flavor.
Phone: (314) 231- 2537
1727 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104