Switchgrass Spirits
6100 Idadale Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63133
Instagram: @switchgrassspirits
Twitter: @switchgrass_mo

Switchgrass Spirits is a young Saint Louis distillery, committed to using quality ingredients and care in all our handcrafted products.  We distill on-grain, sweet mash and make our cuts to taste with our own still.


Copperhead Old Fashioned
Gold Dust Whiskey Sour

Switchgrass Spirits Products

Bourbon Whiskey
Rye Whiskey
Apple Brandy
Copperhead Rock & Rye
Four Grain Whiskey
Gold Dust Bottled Cocktail
Barrel Proof Straight Rye
Common Bond Single Malt


Spirits of St. Louis creates hand-crafted spirits using local bounty and natural ingredients to produce spirits that are full of flavor.
Phone: (314) 231- 2537
1727 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104