Wood Hat Spirits
489 Booneslick Road
New Florence, MO  63363

Wood Hat Spirits, a true Craft Distillery,  takes pride in growing heirloom corns to produce prize-winning, sumptuous bourbons, liqueurs and corn whiskeys perfect for sipping or mixing. Distillery tours and tastings are available. Ask for Wood Hat at your favorite watering hole, eatery, grocery or liquor store!


10 Acre Field

Bourbon Rubenesque, Rub, Brandy, Berry Berry Cordial, lemon juice

Paper Hat

All American Red, White & Blue Whiskey, Black Walnut Liqueur, Aperitivo, lemon juice


Bourbon Rubenesque
Rubenesque Bottled-in-Bond
Montgomery County Bourbon
Brew Barrel Bourbon
Twin Timbers Bourbon
All American Red, White & Blue Whiskey
Aged Blue Corn Whiskey
Bloody Butcher Red Corn Whiskey
Black Walnut Liqueur
Berry Berry Cordial
Tawny Berry
Persimmon Cordial

Spirits of St. Louis creates hand-crafted spirits using local bounty and natural ingredients to produce spirits that are full of flavor.
Phone: (314) 231- 2537
1727 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104